Why Junagadh is known as CITY OF LIONS?

Glorious Junagadh - City of Lions | Girnar

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Junagadh, located at around 300 kilometers from Ahmedabad and 100 kilometers from Rajkot, is a heavenly place for nature lovers. Junagadh’s History is not unknown from anyone, from Independence of India to recent claim by pakistan that junagadh is part of pakistan.

Junagadh is very glorious and very blessed when having very diversity in it’s nature while having mountains, seashores and wildlife in the same district and that’s only the reason for being very popular among nature lovers.

The reason for calling JUNAGADH – A CITY OF LIONS is,

GIR NATIONAL PARK which is having total area 1,412 kilometer square (545 sq. mi) is distributed among Junagadh, Somnath & Amreli. And Junagadh’s Girnar hills are eastern starting point of GIR, Where Asia’s longest temple ropeway exist.

Gir National Park, Which is only home of asiatic lions, having population of more than 674 lions. As per 2020 lion population count by Gujarat Forest Department, there was increase of 29% population from 2015.

Out of total lion count, there are around 300 lions stays in junagadh district. And Because of that much number of lions, as well as girnar jungle is very near to human societies, Lions frequently comes into the city outskirts at night. there are many videos of lions roaming in streets of junagadh gone viral on internet.

If you want to see those asiatic lion roaming in city videos, most of them are available on glorious junagadh.

Recently, cases of lions, leopards, snakes and many other wild animals coming in societies at night are increasing. And people are scared of them. Still, there are very rare cases of these animals hurted people have been filed. Mostly these lions kills cattles and gets back into the jungles.

And because of this kind of surroundings of lions in the city, Junagadh is called lion’s city.

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